US 36 sign

US Highway 36

US 36 sign

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Why US 36?

Why a web page devoted to a secondary US highway that neither spans the US nor is the subject of literature, historical essays, or popular songs? Several reasons. First, one of the authors of this page has lived on or near the road for many years and both have traversed 1000 miles of its length many times - we like this road. Second, like many things in the midwest, US 36 is not flashy or trendy, but a utilitarian and "pleasant" regional route which has provided access to the Rockies for a few generations of midwesterners - the road has some history and character. Finally, the route is disappearing: it is slowly but surely being modified into a limited-access highway, labelled I-72 in Illinois and US 36 in Missouri and Kansas - the road provides an interesting example-in-progress of the life cycle of an old 2 lane thru route.

Shortest Route image
Sign of past times, near Norton, Kansas
Future divided highway sign
Sign of more recent times, central Missouri




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